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Soul Honey: "A Beginning"



We currently have 7 apiaries in Denton County, Texas. They are located in the town of Northlake along the I35W connecting Denton to Forth Worth (for you race fans, that’s north of the Texas Motor Speedway). Our second apiary is just off 380 (University Drive) outside of Denton City limits.  The rest run from Northlake to Sanger. We are working hard to build for the current and future honey demand for local honey, and to also give a taste of sweet Texas to other states. If you come across our site and find us out of honey, it’s because we may have sold out for the season. We only sell from our hives and when it’s gone it’s gone. The spring is when the honey flows best, but there is also a smaller honey flow in the fall.




In 2011, my husband and I participated in the “Restoring Courage – Jerusalem 2011 – Glenn Beck Tour”. During this life changing trip, I came to realize many things: first was how much God loves us, second was how unworthy I am and could ever be to deserve his blessings, and that I should honor Him and His loving grace in every way possible. So I started to pray. I would pray to walk closer to God. During this time of prayer I felt compelled to get closer to nature. I started planting a garden and then moved to planting fruit trees and blackberry bushes. Then in the spring of 2012, my husband bought me Bee keeping lessons for my Birthday. I left the tutelage of Jake from  with 2 top bar hives and a determination to try and become a bee keeper. I am now the happy beekeeper of 103 top-bar hives and growing. 

Texas Apiary Inspection Services in cooperation with Texas A &M are offering, for the first time in Texas History, a 5 year Master Beekeeping program. The first year 61 students moved to the next level of "Apprentice Beekeeper".  The following year 23 students advanced to the "Advanced Beekeeper" level In the Spring of 2017, myself and 7 other beekeepers passed the "Master Beekeeper" level.  We are the first group in Texas History to achieve this title.  I was awarded the title of "Master Beekeeper" and all it's rights and privileges that go along with it.  If you are interested in becoming a "Texas Master Beekeeper"  Here is more information:


It is my goal to tech people of all ages about God's amazing creation: The Honey Bee  I want to share my love and fascination in the amazing way God has designed the honey bee in all it's honey sweet glory.  Through learning about honey bees you will come to know that only God could have created something so intricate, detailed, and perfect as a honey bee.

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