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Due to COVID-19,

all tours have been cancelled for 2020



Tours of or operation:

by Robin Young (Soul Honey)

Texas Master Beekeeper


In the Spring we set aside a week, some times two, to do tours here at the "Young Ranch"

the home of Soul Honey.  We have so much more here than just honey bees.  We work

to educate how honey bees is just one small part of a ranch and how everything works 

together.  We show how a garden produces flowers, the honey bees gather nectar and

pollinate the flowers. food is grown, water is gathered through our rain catching system

to water the garden and much more.  We try and show that every job matters, and to ask 

yourself in your own life, "How can I make more with what I have?".

Out tours start at 10:00 AM and ends around noon just in time for a sack lunch and 

an opportunity to play here at the ranch. Map pictured below.

Young Ranch - Home of Soul Honey - Map D
TX Master Beekeeper's Patch.png
TX Master BK Certificate.jpg
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